Who to Look For at MERGE!

We are now just 72 hours away from our team touching down in Orlando and descending on the MERGE conference!

Above.com is co-sponsoring the event with parent company Trellian’s Direct Search Network. Our team is ready to educate domain owners on how we find the highest payouts for domain traffic while simultaneously informing traffic buyers on how they can get our high quality traffic sent directly to their website.

We will also be showing a brand new promotional video regarding Portfolio Manager’s Domain Consolidator™. If you have not yet checked out the revolutionary Domain Consolidator™ for yourself this is a special opportunity for a first-hand demonstration of the benefits it offers.

Above’s powerful Domain Consolidator™ takes the hassle out of tracking expiration dates by pulling data from ALL your registrars. This allows simplified stats-based renewal decisions along with fast transfers at low costs… Did we mention you can now do all this and more in ONE dashboard?

People have been asking who they can expect to see from the Above.com and Trellian team so without further ado, this is who to look for:

Simon Saleem
Domain Name Broker
Skype: SimonSaleem
Email: Simons@above.com
Ask Him About… Above Portfolio Manager whether buying, selling, registering, or renewing.
Fun Fact: Simon loves to keep a pack of old-school Big League Chew gum in his desk and wants to go skydiving at some point in his lifetime.
Louie Borrego
Account Manager
Trellian Direct Search Network
Skype: Trellian-Louie
Email: Lborrego@trellian.com
Ask Him About… Buying premium high quality domain traffic, benefits of using Trellian, launching a new account, and campaign optimization.
Fun Fact: Louie’s guilty pleasure is eating two In-N-Out 4x4s (animal-style of course) in one sitting and likes to juggle fruit in the break room.
Nancy Bianchi
Executive Vice President
Trellian / Above.com
Skype: TrellianUS
Email: Nancy@trellian.com
Ask Her About… Strategic partnerships, business development, and anything else related to Trellian and Above.
Fun Fact: Nancy’s Boston Terrier, Carly, is a frequent visitor and the unofficial office mascot in the Los Angeles office. Nancy’s first car was a classic baby blue VW Bug!