Hot Traffic Alert! ? Run of Category – “Dating”

In case you have not heard, dating season is upon us.

This is the time of year where dating services see tons of new users flocking to their sites – credit card in hand – searching for love.

If you have a dating site or are running dating offers…
Trellian has premium and relevant traffic.

With the upcoming winter holiday buzz around eCommerce (also available as run-of-category), this highly profitable multi-billion dollar niche can get overlooked.

To broaden your reach, select “dating” as a run-of-category campaign or refine your campaign by choosing specific keywords.

For example:    Online Dating, Personals, Senior Dating, Singles, Couple, Christian Dating, Chat Room

We also have a wide range of adult dating traffic available.

Try the following keywords or contact your account manager for more specific suggestions.    Adult Dating, Swingers, Hookups, Cougar Dating, Escorts.

If you do not have any dating offers you’re looking to run, we have premium traffic in all categories.

Ask your account manager for help setting up a campaign specific to the offer and category you want to promote!