Acquires Successful Drop Catch Platform

Trellian has announced its further expansion into the .AU drop catch business with the acquisition of the highly successful drop catch platform

Having only a handful of auDA accredited registrars that are authorized to drop catch, the acquisition further strengthens Trellian’s February 2017 acquisition of drop catch platform and registrar.

The two drop catching operations will gradually be consolidated under the brand, taking the best parts from each platform, plus many other functions from the existing Domain Portfolio Manager and Marketplace.

David Warmuz, CEO of Trellian stated:

“After our acquisition we quickly realised that there was one key component missing: .au drop catch know how. We could learn and fine tune, but this would take months/years. Or we could partner with someone that obviously has the missing piece. So having someone like Anthony on board just made sense. I am eager to see what the future holds and I look forward to working with Anthony on reviving the drop catch platform.”

Anthony Peake, CEO of stated:

“I am excited to be joining the team at Trellian and making the best drop catcher for .au domain names. Having Trellian’s resources behind me will be a huge help and I am especially thrilled to be working on again. I love the brand and I still consider as my baby.”

Founded in 1997, Trellian began investing in domain names early on, eventually becoming one of the largest domain portfolio holders in the world.

In 2008, Trellian launched, a domain asset portfolio management platform. Above offers domain investors a Registrar designed for their needs, plus a domain marketplace. However, its key competitive advantage involves its time-saving ability to monetize domain traffic by sending each domain visitor to the highest earning monetization channel. To learn more, please visit and

About is one of the first drop catch platforms to show its success in catching .au domains from the daily expired pool of names. Originally acquired by Fabulous (DarkBlueSea) and later by Trellian in early 2017. To learn more, please visit

Started by veteran drop catch guru Anthony Peake, who also worked on DomainWatch,, and Netfleet, DomainShield has with far fewer resources consistently maintained a high level of catch rates. To learn more, please visit