About Trellian Direct Search Network

In 2008, we pioneered the technology that enabled online advertisers to acquire direct navigation search traffic.

Direct navigation search occurs when users bypass search engines and type keyword-filled domain names directly into their browser address bar.

These users know exactly what they want, and they want it now. High intent translates into high performance. This is why direct navigation search traffic is so desirable.

Direct Navigation Traffic is often referred to as Domain Redirect Traffic. Watch this short video to see how Domain Redirect Traffic works.

Traffic Quality and Relevancy Are #1 Priorities
From the beginning, we have built a reputation for delivering high quality, highly relevant traffic to advertisers. We accomplish this by only offering traffic that we can carefully control and manage from our Above.com business unit. We do not blend traffic from other sources.

Since leading domain investors worldwide trust Above.com for its award winning domain asset management platform, our advertisers have access to some of the best quality domain traffic in the world.

Quality and relevancy are top priorities for us.

  • Our FraudPreventTM technology uses the highest level filtering to ensure that you only receive top quality, brand safe traffic.
  • Our KeyIntentTM process involves carefully researching the user intent associated with each domain so that only highly relevant traffic is sent to your campaigns.
Intuitive Self-Serve Interface
Our proprietary Cost-Per-Visitor (CPV) real-time bidding platform empowers advertisers with easy, full control of campaign details, including the selection of keywords, device, operating system, country and more.

ROI tracking and custom downloadable reports provide insightful decision-making making data to help you maximize campaign performance.

How It Works

Create Your Campaign in 4 Simple Steps

Setting up your campaign is fast and easy.
  • Create your keyword or run-of-network campaign using our intuitive self-serve interface. We are happy to offer keyword and other suggestions.
  • Fund your campaign.
  • Your campaign and destination URL will be quickly reviewed and approved.
  • If you have the winning CPV bid, users meeting your selection criteria are zero click redirected straight to your destination URL.
  • Measure performance and optimize campaigns as desired.

Optimize Your Campaign ROI

Use our tracking tags to measure the performance of the keyword and domain sub-id associated with each user redirected to your landing page.

Based on performance results, at any point you can "Optimize" your current or future campaigns by adjusting keyword bids up or down and/or by whitelisting or blacklisting domain sub-ids.