Over $9 Billion Is Being Spent Over 30 Days in THIS Niche!

If you guessed Halloween, you are correct! We are just one month out from Halloween, which of course means it’s time to start running those spooky Halloween offers!

Halloween continues to grow every year in revenue and is one of the top-five “consumer-based” holidays in the United States. Over the next 30 days, spending will be just over $9 billion as people buy costumes, decorations, and don’t forget all the candy.

There is no better way to jumpstart a campaign and get a piece of that action than with our premium domain redirect traffic.

To get you started, the Trellian team has pulled a few of the most popular keywords for this time of year:

  • Halloween, Costumes, and Party Supplies

Of course there are many other keywords available, but rather than guess we suggest you ask your campaign manager to help you set up a campaign with the keywords that are most likely to convert.

For traffic buyers who are skipping Halloween and thinking ahead to the winter holiday season, we have high quality traffic across all verticals using our reliable real-time bidding platform.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. You’ll have relevant users all over your landing page in no time!

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