Optimize Campaign ROI By Whitelisting

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When running a keyword campaign on our platform, advertisers are able to see the current average and highest bid prices for their selected keyword. Once a new keyword campaign is created and your bid established, relevant domain subIDs assigned to that keyword will start being sent to your landing page.

All subIDs have an associated bid value, which means you only receive traffic from subIDs that have values within the range of your set bid. What you are missing is traffic valued higher than your bid that could be converting at a higher rate for your campaign.

Our new whitelisting opportunities feature pulls all subIDs matching your keyword that have values greater than your current bid. You can easily unlock this feature by simply asking your account manager to make the option available in your account.

Upon being approved by your account manager you will have the opportunity to bid on and test subIDs with a higher bid value individually without raising your entire campaign’s bid! 

SubIDs that are performing well and converting for your landing page can be whitelisted and you will continue receiving traffic from that domain even though it is outside of your set maximum bid range.

Contact your account manager and get started with this new competitive advantage to quickly test and secure high converting traffic for your offers!