New Optimize Feature Now Available for Direct Search Network

We’re excited to announce the immediate release of some improvements to your Trellian Direct Search Network experience.

Optimize Campaigns

By far the most important improvement involves helping our customers maximize their conversion rate by allowing them to block traffic from specific domains.

In our system, each domain is assigned a unique SubID number.  In order to track the performance of traffic from each domain, customers must include the ?subid=$SUBID string in their target URL.

If your conversion metrics indicate that specific SubIDs are not performing at desired levels, go to your DSN Dashboard and click “Optimize” next to the campaign name.

In the popup box, enter the SubID numbers that you wish to blacklist.  Our system will then no longer send you traffic from the corresponding domains.

Coming soon: Whitelisting of SubIDs.  This feature will allow you to limit your campaign traffic to visitors from specific domains.  Just another example of our commitment to provide you with traffic that meets your performance needs.

New Design Elements

We freshened up the look and feel of our dashboard with a new color scheme, new campaign on/off slider, and a few new Alert icons.

Login to your Trellian Direct Search Network account today to access the new Optimize feature and view the new design elements.

As always, contact your account manager if you have any questions or need any assistance. We’re happy to help in any way.