Updates and Feature Releases

A range of updates and new feature were recently releases at

1. More Keyword Data Options

– With every keyword database you now have the ability to search through even more data. Along with a recent update a new "Historical" option has been added to every keyword database view search volume data from August 2006 onwards.

– US Regional specific dataset is now available.

The US keyword database has over 868 Million searches in the 12 month database and over 1.6 billion in the 2 year historical database.

2. Three New Features and Three Improvements

– Adult Filter

This function removes adult based keywords from the search results.

– Remove Spaces

This function allows searching for search term with and without spaces.

– Domain Score

This is for domainers who are interested to know the search counts for .com based searches.

For a detailed explanation please see:

– Keyword Density Tool Upgrade

A range of extra filtering, sorting, stop word list and view options have been added. If you liked the keyword Density tool before, you will be impressed with the all the new options.

– Export Function Upgrade

You can now select the database for search counts at the export prompt.

– Import Function Upgrade

You can now import directly to a project.

3. New Features Added to the API

For API and Enterprise users only, the API has received a few updates including the addition of:

– phrase match option

– plural searches

– all regional databases

– all historical databases

4. Soon To Be Released

We are working on a range of features to further improve on our service. But this is where your feedback is needed. If there are any features that you would just love to have or you have seen in other tools, then let us know! We use customer feedback to prioritize what features to add 1st. So make sure to let us know.

5. Contact us

Contact us with your comments or if you would like a complete overview of Keyword Discovery features, contact us via:



USA 310 483 7170

UK 0207 183 0748