Other search features

Web site preview 
Web site preview will give you a brief overview of each page on the web site. To preview a web site, click the Web site preview button. Type in the web site address you wish to preview, and click the BrowseTo Button. The web page's title, modification info, and a brief summary are shown.

CodeThe HTML code can be viewed by clicking the code link
LinksThe links link will display all the links found on the page.
WhoIs link will display WhoIs information for the web page
Images on a page can be displayed by clicking the Images link
Email displays the email addresses found on the page

Note: This feature displays web pages by following all the links on the index page only.

Add a site  
To add a web site to a search engine, navigate to the search engine you wish to add your site to. Click the Add URL button and the submission screen will be displayed. The instructions on the web page will guide you through the process of submitting a site.