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Keyword Manager

The Keyword Manager features a search term suggestion tool, and maintains a master list of keywords and search phrases for your SEO project. The search term suggestion feature can help find related keywords that you may not be targeting.

The keyword manager

Keyword sources

Import keywords from different sources. KeywordDiscovery and pasting via the windows clipboard
Keyword Manager sources data from KD (

The Keyword discovery databases contain over 32 billion searches from over 180 different sources. A full 12 months data can be searched.

These databases include:

  • Global Premium database - KD's premium database without skewed data.
  • Regional and language databases - (UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden).
  • Specialty databases - (Ebay, Shopping, News, Yahoo, Google).
  • Historical - Largest KD database with data from June 2005 onwards.

Further details on keyworddiscovery's databases can be viewed at

Keyword competitiveness

Import keywords from different sources. KeywordDiscovery and pasting via the windows clipboard

Additional keyword competitiveness factors can be obtained, such as the following:

  • Number of advertisers on google, yahoo and miva for each keyword can be displayed.
  • Keyword competitiveness factors such as allinanchor, allintitle can be queried for each keyword.

Industry Keywords

The Industry Keywords tool provides lists of common search terms grouped by category.

This makes it easy to discover some of the top keyword searches for specific industries. The search volume and keyword popularity can be displayed for each keyword.

Industry keywords tool

Keyword density analyzer

The Keyword density analyzer breaks down page content into keywords and search phrases. It is useful for both for keyword research and optimization.

The keyword analyzer

Seasonal search trends graph

The keyword tools can display a seasonal trend graph for selected keywords. This graph shows the number of searches performed on a keyword over the last 12 months.

This data can help to:

  • Identify seasonal trends
  • Plan marketing campaigns to coincide with traditional peak periods like Christmas or Valentines Day
  • Determine the ideal timing for marketing campaigns
  • Predict traffic levels during low peak periods like the holidays.

The seasonal trends graph for the keyword "Valentines day crafts". This graph shows that the most searches are made between January and March.

The seasonal trends graph for the keyword Valentines day crafts

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