Trillion Direct

Experts in Direct Navigation Traffic
  • High Quality Traffic. Our FraudPreventTM technology uses the highest level filtering to ensure that you only receive top quality, brand safe traffic.
  • Auction-based Platform. Our proprietary Cost-Per-Visitor real-time bidding platform has enabled advertisers to acquire direct navigation traffic since 2008.
  • Highly Relevant Keyword Traffic. User intent is carefully researched via our KeyIntentTM process so that only highly relevant traffic is sent to your campaigns.

Get The Targeted Search Users and ROI Results You Need
  • Intuitive Self-Serve Interface. We empower you with easy, full control of bid and budget details, targeting filters, campaign optimization settings, and more.
  • Global Reach. Our global network gives you substantial worldwide opportunities by offering traffic from over 200 countries.
  • Desktop & Mobile Targeting. Laser target your campaigns and boost conversions with device selection.
  • Campaign Optimization. Our tracking tags allow you to enhance campaign performance with blacklisting and whitelisting optimization.
  • Detailed Reporting. Quickly and easily get customized online and downloadable statistical reports on campaign performance.
  • ROI Tracking. Our ROI tracking conveniently monitors your campaign performance, conversions and return on investment.

Targeting Selections and Features To Maximize Campaign Performance
  • Keyword targeting for English speaking countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India
  • Desktop and mobile targeting
  • Campaign Optimization with negative keywords, blacklisting, whitelisting
  • Convenient campaign cloning tool
  • Bulk campaign editing
  • And more...

Plus expert support team available by phone, skype, email or online chat.

How To Create Your Campaign in 4 Steps!

What is Direct Navigation Search?

Direct Navigation Traffic is often referred to as Domain Redirect Traffic. Watch this short video to see how Domain Redirect Traffic works.

Direct navigation search occurs when a user types a keyword-filled domain name into their browser's address bar.
  • They are bypassing search engines because know exactly what they want and they want it now.
  • These are high-intent search users.
Where Does Our Traffic Come From?
We get our direct navigation traffic directly from our business unit.
  • Leading domain investors worldwide trust to find the highest earning monetization channel for their direct navigation traffic.
  • By fully controlling all our traffic every step of the way starting with the domain owners themselves, we are able to ensure you receive traffic of the highest quality and relevancy.