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This program is currently not available to purchase

Classify PRO is easy to use and your Classified Ads can potentially reach millions of people on the Internet, with no additional costs to advertise. Whether it is Real estate, MLM, Cars, Boats or Services, Classify PRO is the ideal partner for your business.


  • Free technical support.
  • Smart Category selection.
  • Ability to request inclusion of any sites not supported.
  • Detailed submission reports.
  • Proxy server support.
  • Extensive list of pay and other classified sites.
  • Japanese Version.
  • Easy site selection.
  • Fast concurrent submissions.
  • Free script upgrades are released monthly.
  • Multiple projects.
  • Keyword manager to help organize your keywords.
  • Multiple Award Winner!
  • more..

Classify Enterprise

Whereas Classify PRO is intended for personal use, the Enterprise version can be used to submit Ads for third parties. It also has additional features such as Batch submit for multiple add submissions.
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