Trellian Direct Search Network FAQ

General Questions
Direct Navigation is an organic search where the user types a specific domain into the browser address bar. The browser address bar is also known as the navigation bar. A direct navigation search bypasses search engines all together and does not see the traditional search engine results page with paid and organic ads. Learn more about direct navigation traffic here:
Trellian Direct Search is an ad network providing real-time premium direct navigation search visitors. The proprietary auction based platform offers keyword targeting, mobile targeting, and other custom options. The Trellian Direct Search Network has direct access to and controls the destination of over 200 million unique internet visitors per month in conjunction with the, a Trellian company.

A Quick Start guide is also available.
The Trellian dashboard is user friendly, feature rich and easy use. Keywords are added to a traditional bid auction dashboard and real time search visitors are redirected to the URL target designated by the highest bidder. This is also known as zero-click. The Trellian system matches domains in our network to the keywords in your account and delivers only matched visitors. There is no need to add extensive keyword lists with combinations of plurals, misspells, space and no space keywords or permutations. Enter the root keyword as-is and the system matches all various combinations. For additional information contact an account manager at
Research shows that direct navigation traffic is highly effective due to the relevance and user intent. This type of traffic provides a powerful addition to any search engine marketing campaign. Users are presented with a website that is highly relevant to their search without the need to click on any ads or make decision when served a results page. Studies show that direct navigation traffic converts 4.23% while the conversion rate from search engines still remains at 2.3%. Click here to learn more about direct navigation traffic: Studies shows that 86% of online searchers reach websites via direct search or direct navigation by one of the following methods:

1. Typing-in a domain name and adding an extension
2. Typing-in a keywords / key phrases followed by an extension
3. Using an existing bookmark

Since 1997, Trellian has been a trusted and respected source delivering web-based products and services to SEO, SEM's, Web Developers, Advertisers, Publishers and Domain investors. Trellian's proprietary bid platform makes direct navigation marketing effective because we have the three key requirements covered: experience and know how, infrastructure, and meaningful amounts of traffic. Advertisers need to know that they are working with someone that can be trusted.
You can retrieve a lost password by visiting our lost password page.
Trellian Direct Search Network policy forbids forwarding of traffic to URLs containing any form of malicious advertising, illegal content, or socially unacceptable content. This includes but is not limited to forced downloads, phishing, pharming, ransomware, malware, scare tactics, racism, violence, illegal drugs, defamation, fraud, etc. Users violating this policy will have their accounts suspended indefinitely and risk the loss of their deposit.

Keyword and RON Campaigns
Starting a campaign is easy. Simply create an account at A confirmation email and quick start steps will be sent to you. A quick start guide is available or contact an account manager at
To receive traffic your account must be verified. Verification is in place to protect your account details. If the dashboard shows "Account Status: Pending Verification", check your email for verification or contact an account manager at Your account will remain in pending status and receive no traffic until verified.
Pricing will populate on the dashboard when keywords are added. To view pricing, establish an account and add keywords or create a campaign.
Lengthy keyword combination lists are rarely needed since Trellian unique system matches the root keyword to the intent of the domain. Misspelled keywords, plural, space and no space and permutations are matched to the root keyword in your account. Enter the root keywords as-is. For example, if your keyword is credit report, there is no need to enter multiple combinations of credit report or upload large keyword lists. Managing your keyword list will provide easier campaign management.

For example, enter "credit report" only, there is no need to enter:
report credit
Yes. Some blocked terms will be identified as "invalid" when entered.
The Direct Search platform does not recognize punctuation, or grammatical symbols. The system matches all misspells, plurals, permutation, space and no spaces keywords to the intent of the domain. There is no need to enter both the singular and plural or space and no space versions of a keyword. If both singular and plural versions of a keyword are added to a campaign, only (1) one keyword will receive traffic. The remaining duplicate keywords will not receive traffic.
Negative terms can be added to exclude specific keywords from your campaigns and block traffic from terms such as trademarks, brands, unrelated or non-performing phrases. Negative keywords can be entered by clicking "Edit" next to the keyword on the dashboard. Enter one keyword per line in a list format (see example below). After you have added all of your negative keywords click "Update". See the Managing Stop Words manual page for more information.


games, cards, videos
Yes. The "Export" feature is located on the dashboard beneath keywords. Simply select the campaign folder or keywords you want to export and click "Export".
Your experienced account manager may add relevant keyword suggestions to help you reach your target audience. Keyword suggestions can be moved to a campaign folder for activation or deleted. This is an added service provided by the Direct Search Network team.
Yes. Use the search field for quick keyword look-up
To create a new campaign click the "New Campaign" button, enter your campaign title and click "Create Campaign". See quick start guide for fast and easy campaign set up:
Yes, maintaining a #1 or #2 ranking at all times can be set by using the Optimize Bids feature.

1. Check the box next to the keyword you want to rank #1 or #2 and click Edit.
2. A box will appear, select Optimize Bids and select Rank #1 or Rank #2
3. Click Update.
The full URL must be entered, including http://
For example:
We recommend using a specific landing page to maximize conversion.
The referring URL will start with
Yes, a daily limit can be set at the keyword level
The level of traffic received is determined by the number of competitive bidders on the dashboard. Keyword pricing is located in column Bid 1. Your max bid must meet or exceed the prices located in column Bid 1 in order to receive traffic. Bidders 2, 3, and 4 receive a decreased portion of the total traffic volume.
The minimum bid will be displayed on the dashboard after a keyword is entered.
To be notified when keywords are paused due to competitive bids, or the minimum bid changes, enable the "Bid Change Notification" feature by clicking the Add Funds link.
Keyword status will remain "paused" until the system has analyzed the data and established the CPV rates. Keywords will then become "active" automatically if your max bid value is greater than the established CPV rate.
Yes, Trellian offers RON (run of network) traffic from over 200 countries worldwide. Contact an account manager for more details at
All of the historical data is removed after a keyword is deleted. All information will be lost and you will not be able to restore the keyword's history. It is advised that you "Pause" the keywords in your account in order to save the history in reports.
There are two ways to receive more traffic.

1. Increase your daily limit.
2. Expand your keyword list or contact an account manager for keyword recommendations.
Max bids must match or exceed the minimum bid by at least one cent ($0.01) in order to receive traffic. However, we do recommend setting bids at least $0.03 higher than the minimum bid. As we assign domains to keywords daily, more traffic is generated. Pricing may fluctuate up and down so having a buffer secures your bid position.
The campaign will be activated at $0.15 as long as there are no other higher bids.
In order to block traffic from specific domain names, you need to take the following steps.

1. Add ?subid=$SUBID to your target URL. Each domain has a unique subid.


2. This will allow you to capture and then track the performance of each subid.

3. For subid's that you wish to exclude from a campaign, in your dashboard click "Edit" next to the campaign name and then enter all the subid numbers you wish to block.

Dashboard & Reports
There are two account features to help track and optimize campaign performance:

ROI Tracking:
ROI tracking is offered to track campaign performance. Select the "ROI Tracking" link on the account dashboard. Enable tracking by clicking the activate button. Copy and paste the HTML tracking code to your check out or conversion landing page.

Dynamic Keyword:
A dynamic keyword is offered to track keyword performance. Add the $KEYWORD variable to the end of your target URL to include the campaign keyword in the redirect.

For example$KEYWORD
The number of visitors received will appear in the "Reports" section of your account. This information may be viewed within a specific date range. For example: today, last 7 days, last 30 days, etc.
The unbilled column reports the number of visitors you received but were not charged for as they were repeat visitors or originated from questionable traffic sources. If you wish to no longer receive unbilled visitors contact
Your account will only be charged for real time, unique search visitors defined by a 24 hour period.
In order to block traffic from specific domain names, you need to take the following steps.

1. Add ?subid=$SUBID to your target URL. Each domain has a unique subid.


2. This will allow you to capture and then track the performance of each subid.

3. For subid's that you wish to exclude from a campaign, in your dashboard click "Edit" next to the campaign name and then enter all the subid numbers you wish to block.

Payments & Billing
To view pricing, you need to create a campaign. Please login to your account:
Please click on: Add Keywords to create a campaign.
Note: Please make sure to include your username when making payment.

The minimum initial deposit to start your campaign is US$500

Once your account has been established, further funding of your account must be at least $100 per transaction.

The minimum deposit for Wire Transfer is US$200. The transfer fees will be paid by you.

Alternative payment options are found in the account dashboard by clicking the "Balance Amount" link
We accept debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal and Wire Transfer.
To add funds to your account, click on the account balance link located at the top-right of the screen.
Invoices are found in the "User Account" section under the "Billing Details" tab, and "Transaction History" link.
To add or change your payment method, click on your username link located at the top-right of the screen, then select the 'Billing Details' tab.
Yes, to be notified before funds are depleted, set the balance notification feature by clicking the accountbalance link.
Yes. Enable auto billing by clicking the account balance link. The auto billing feature will automatically fund your account when your balance reaches an amount you specify.