Trellian World Time Overview

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Day Map

Utilizing actual satellite images, Trellian World Time makes keeping track of the time for cities all over a world fun and easy.

Night Map

Trellian World Time's Night Map shows the luminance created by the cities of the world.

Satellite Cloud Images

The most powerful feature is the ability to view actal actual satellite cloud images in near real time. Cloud movements can also be animated. This feature makes it ideal to track storm fronts and hurricanes.

World Time - Shadow Map

Trellian World Time's Shadow Map displays the earth's shadow areas moving in real time revealing the current night time and day time throughout the world.

Latitude/Longitude Grid

Trellian World Time's Latitude and Longitude Grid will help you pinpoint areas on the grid map.

Earthquake Locations

Trellian World Time's Earthquake Locations Map is accurate and data is updated every 24 hours. Includes a Richter scale for comparison.

Time Zones

Trellian World Time's Time Zone Map will give you better understanding of the time zones around the world.


The zoom feature will allow you to zoom in on a particular region, which can be helpful in locating a city in densily populated areas. You can easily zoom out or reset the map.

Add Locations

Trellian World Time's Night Map shows the luminance created by the cities of the world.

Location/City Time

Once you have added locations they will be conveniently displayed in the city time viewing area. These locations can be easily added or removed. You can also clear them all with one click.

Hotel and Weather Information

Trellian World Time makes the perfect travel companion giving details on hotels and current weather in your selected city. Each link opens a standard browser window. Also includes direct links to a books and maps for travelers.

Set as Wallpaper

Trellian World Time can be set as your wallpaper. This will not affect your current wallpaper/theme settings, because it will only act as your wallpaper when you have it running.