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WorldTime is a simple, intelligent utility that displays in real time, not only the time in cities around the world, but also which parts of the world are currently in darkness and which parts are in daylight.

Trellian WorldTime makes use of actual satellite images. You can see the luminance created by the cities of the world. Trellian WorldTime is a novel utility, that is fast becoming one of Trellian's most downloaded programs!

Have you ever been left foraging the Internet for world time converters, because a friend or online acquaintance from another country has set up a meeting date in their time?
Trellian WorldTime will tell you what time it is in their part of the world in an instant. You can even save their specific location so that you can always see their time, with a glance. Trellian WorldTime is just what you have been looking for all this time!

You can display the time for any city, and easily and effortlessly keep track of multiple locations around the world.