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To register and upgrade your software, you will need to obtain registration details. To purchase a registration key from the Trellian web site, Select Register from the Help menu of WorldTime, and click on the "obtain registration key" link. Alternatively you may purchase the software from an authorized Trellian software reseller.

Once you have all of your details ready, follow these steps to register WorldTime.

Step 1. - Select Register from the Help menu.

Step 2. - Enter your registration details. Registration details are case sensitive. Your username will be the email address you registered with. If you have lost your registration details, click the relevant link on the registration window, and follow the instructions.

Step 3. - Click the Next button to continue. If your registration details are accepted, a thank you message is displayed

Field: Description:
Serial Number This is where you enter the serial number number that is sent to you upon registration
Registration Name This is where the email address that you used to register with is entered
Button: Description:
Next: Click this button to register the software when you have entered your registration details.
Cancel: Click this button to cancel the registration process.