WorldTime Printable version Overview Features Registration System Requirements Upgrading Support Using WorldTime Map Settings Map Navigation Displaying/Finding a city Displaying City Times Displaying City Infomation Displaying Clouds Displaying Weather Information Displaying Hotels Displaying Timezones Displaying Earthquake Locations Settings Options Settings Proxy/Firewall Wallpaper mode Language Interface Menu Options

WorldTime Features

  • Scrollable map
  • Zoom in and out
  • Identify locations
  • Set the map as your desktop wallpaper
  • Adjust sun map update frequency
  • Highlight cities
  • Enable/disable shadow map
  • Display satellite cloud maps
  • Show recent earthquake locations
  • Display a list of hotels in a city
  • Show the weather forecast
  • Display a timezone overlay
  • Animate the cloud maps
  • Location wizard - Great if you're poor with geography!