WorldTime Printable version Overview Features Registration System Requirements Upgrading Support Using WorldTime Map Settings Map Navigation Displaying/Finding a city Displaying City Times Displaying City Infomation Displaying Clouds Displaying Weather Information Displaying Hotels Displaying Timezones Displaying Earthquake Locations Settings Options Settings Proxy/Firewall Wallpaper mode Language Interface Menu Options

Menu Options

Upgrade Connects to the Trellian server then checks for the availability of automated Software Upgrades/Updates
Quit Exits the program

Zoom In Zooms into the map
Zoom Out Zooms out of the map
Actual Pixels Displays the WorldTime satellite image in a 1:1 ratio
Fit to Screen Sizes the map to fit the current screen size
Day Map Displays the WorldTime map in daylight
Night Map Displays the WorldTime map at night
Clouds Toggles display of the clouds
Sun Shadow Toggles display of the Sun Shadow
Time Zones Toggles display of the Time Zones
All Cities Toggles display of cities on the map
City Names Toggles display of city names when the mouse is over a city
Earthquakes Toggles display of recent earthquake locations
City Selection Toggles display of the selected cities on the map
Grid Toggles display of the latitude / Longitude grid
Refresh Refreshes the sun shadow position on the map

Next Displays the next cloud map
Previous Displays the previous cloud map
Play Animates the cloud maps
Stop Stops the cloud map animation

Language Sets the language to use
Select City Displays the Select City window
Wallpaper Mode Sets the desktop background to the WorldTime map
Settings Allows you to change the WorldTime settings

About Displays information about the program
Register Allows you to register the program
Manual Displays the WorldTime manual
FAQ Displays the WorldTime FAQ