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Menu Options

Upgrade Connects to the Trellian server and checks for Software Upgrades/Updates
Exit Exits the program

Edit File(s) Displays the file(s) in Trellian CodePad
View File(s) Displays the file(s) in a browser window
Preferences Displays the WebTidy preferences
Internet Properties Displays the Internet Explorer Properties window

Errors Toggles display of the error panel
Status Bar Toggles display of the status bar
Address Bar Toggles display of the Address bar
Toolbar Toggles display of the Toolbar

Validate Starts the validation process
Tidy Displays the Tidying options
Restore Restores the selected file/folder to its original state
Remove Backups Removes any backup files related to the selected file/folder

About Shows information about the program
Register Software Allows you to enter your registration details
Trellian Software Displays the Trellian Website in a new browser window
Trellian Services Displays the Trellian Services webpage in a new browser window