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WebTidy - Features

Trellian WebTidy helps speed up productivity and the time taken to write HTML. It actually helps you make pages like Webmasters do and offers fast and reliable performance.

Download Trellian WebTidy

Trellian WebTidy features include:

Extensive HTML Formatting options
Trellian WebTidy has extensive HTML formatting options stripping of all unnecessary HTML tags featuring:

  • Intelligent HTML restructuring
  • Auto-Insertion of ALT tags
  • Text/Code Wrapping options

Intuitive Interface
Trellian WebTidy has an 'easy-to-use' XP-style Interface including:

  • Input/Output Character encoding
  • customizable File Filter
  • Automatic Backup of altered pages
  • Before/After comparison screens
  • Removal off ALL vendor-specific tags from your HTML files

Clean up your HTML with Trellian WebTidy, the batch HTML tidy utility!

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