Trellian WebTidy FAQ

I get "an error occurred while moving data-623" during Installation.

Delete all files in the /Windows/Temp directory, close down any virus protection utilities that may be running, and re-install the program.

I get "The decompression of %s failed. There may not be enough disk space available in the TEMP directory" error.

Windows can limit the size of the TEMP directory and it may be full even though you have free disk space available on your hard disk. Delete some files from the windows TEMP directory and try again.

I have submitted an online registration form, but have not received my registration.

If you have not received your registration within that time, please contact with your details

Is there a manual for Webtidy?

Yes, there is an online manual,a downloadable manual and an online printable format manual. To download the WebTidy manual, run LiveUpgrade, expand the Internet Studio programs, expand WebTidy, select Manual and click the Upgrade button. The manual can then be read from C:\Program Files\TRELLIAN\manuals\WebTidy.chm

I get an "unable to open the specified browser" error message.

The browser path is not set correctly in Preferences. The Browser field must have the full path to the executable file of your HTML browser. For information on setting up WebTidy to work with either Internet Explorer or Netscape click on the respective link.

What platforms are supported and do you have MAC version?

WebTidy is available for Windows 95, NT A MAC version is planned, however there is no set release date at this time.

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