Trellian WebSafe - Overview

Trellian WebSafe has an intuitive interface, which has been developed with ease of use in mind. All features are only a click away and can be found within three easy to navigate tabs.

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Encryption Depth

Select from one of five encryption depths. From None, to Very High. Trellian WebSafe encrypts files extremely fast and makes the source code impossible for people to read and steal.

This is what a HTML souce code would look like when encrypted.

)=Sw0('kgak*&mbnnkccsc~g(9$st,$c`2!_w?N6yftbg=|rzw+42E==9/('npl|lnj|i9/ ,=jofk~easutm37^y0+.)yt`yf/\x22;%&Yy)D]z(00tq! v#uvoo9:wfeovenh=\x22/|aec, $pife&8|aqkrl`-~gz>\x22Tyiwm~h,Pqpsn*^y

User Access

Trellian WebSafe will aid in your ability to protect your web pages time and time again with features such as Disable Right Click, Disable Selection, Disable Statusbar, Break out of Frames and more.

With Trellian WebPage, your website will never be trapped within other sites or frames again!


Trellian WebSafe is a great utility for cleanly stripping out unwanted, and unnecessary tags. WYSIWYG editors are renowned for adding such mess to HTML documents, which can lead to slower page loading times and poorer search rankings, not to mention hard to re-edit code.

WebSafe will also convert unnecessarily long tags such as <STRONG> and <BLOCKNOTE> to more practical tags such as <B> and <UL>, which will suffice with the same end result.

Site Mapper is packed with useful features which aid in keeping your website tidy and up to date. Site Mapper will integrate with your favorite HTML editor, browser, FTP client, site submission tool, ecomm solution, image editor, and more. Site Mapper has been developed for efficiency and ease of use.

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