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WebSafe - Features

If you tired of people stealing work that has taken you hours of precious time, WebSafe HTML Encryptor is the quickest and easiest way to protect and encrypt your HTML pages, valuable files, bandwidth, revenue and a whole lot more.

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Trellian WebSafe features include:

  • Protection of your web site from being held in Frames.
    If you have found the content of your website being squashed into the frame of another site, search engine or portal, then chances are that you were annoyed. Trellian WebSafe will set your HTML pages so that they will automatically break free from the restraints of the offending site, by taking over the full browser window for itself!
  • Disabling Functions
    Trellian WebSafe can protect your site quite efficiently, even before encrypting anything. With WebSafe, you can disable the ability for visitors to be able to right click, drag and drop from your HTML pages, you can disable the Statusbar, prevent your page from being viewed offline and more.
  • Protect your valuable files.
    More often than not, if you have a download on your page, experienced web surfers will simply view the source code of your HTML and search for file extensions such as ".exe", ".gif" and many others. This procedure is not overly constructive for your purposes as a site owner, especially if the download requires user registration, payment or some other type of communication.

    You may not like certain files do be downloaded at all. It is also common practice for some webmasters, (usually amateurs) to link directly to files on other, more professional sites. This can cause unwarranted bandwidth costs, distorted site statistics, loss of revenue and a portion of unrewarded efforts on your behalf.

    Trellian WebSafe offers an attractive solution to all of these problems.
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