Authoring tools

The Authoring tab provides tools to help with web page authoring and editing. To access these tools, select the Authoring tab in the Toolbar.

EditAllows you to edit the current web page
View SourceAllows you to view the source code of the current web page
Button factoryLibraries of buttons and graphics for web pages
Image mapAssists with creating image maps
Spell checkChecks the spelling on the current page
SiteMapperBuilds a site map of the current web site
Tidy HTMLAnalyzes and optimizes HTML code from the current web page
Validate HTMLValidates the HTML code on the current page
Access controlSets Javascript content protection for your browser
EncryptEncryptor, tag stripper and function disabler tool to stop web users from copying your web site code from the Internet.
OptimizeOptimizes web pages by removing unnecessary HTML tags
PublishStarts SiteLoad, a tool to help you publish you web site to the Internet