General Information & Questions

This is a basic guide on how to use Trellian ButtonFactory

To register Trellian FTP, enter your email address and click the SUBMIT button. A registration key will be emailed to you with a few minutes. Trellian Button Factory is a useful application that is used to create buttons, text etc any number of appications i.e. webpages, reports, assignments....
The first thing you need to do once you open up Trellian Button Factory is to create a new project. To create a new object simply click on "File" and then "New Project" or you can click on the "New Project" button located on the toolbar.

Secondly, you have to work in a comfortable environment and that means that the background colour has to be correct for you. To change the background colour click on the button. Then select the colour you wish to have as your background. Then select the colour you wish to have as your background.

There are 3 ways to create a button. The first is to click the "insert" menu and then "New Button" when you select this make sure you have the appropriate button style selected in the button type area. The second is to drag an appropriate button from the button type area onto the main area. The third is to right click on the main area and then select "New Button", again you have to make sure you have the appropriate button selected. To change the style of a button, select the button/s with a single click or by dragging a box around it with the mouse.

To change the text in the button simply double click on the button and then type in the new name/info.
To edit the properties of the button, right click on the button and select "properties".

In the button properties window you can change the border style, in the border settings you can change the width and size etc of the border.

In the Texture Settings you can change the way the texture of the button is set out.

To change the size of the button, simply select the button. Then all you need to do is use the resize selectors to change the size of the button. You can also change the position of the button by dragging it around the screen.
To change the URL of the button select the button and then type in the full URL in the URL field.
To change the style of text used in the button, select the button and then click on the appropriate properties of the font you want to change.

To save a project or open a project, click on "File/Save" or "File/Load" then select or type the file name and then click "ok". Alternatively you can select the "save" or "open" buttons on the toolbar.
You can also preview the button/s in a webpage format by selecting the button/s and then clicking on the "Preview" button which is located next to the "background" button. The other buttons on the toolbar include "Cut", "Copy to Clipboard", "Paste from Clipboard", "Delete Buttons", "Move to Back" and then "Move to Front". These buttons can all be accessed by the menus as well.

Creating A Menu

A menu is a collection of links all set up in menu type format, like each of them on top of each other etc. To create a menu you have to create a few buttons. Once they have been created give them each a URL, then align them so that they form a menu.

You can then image map them so that they are a menu.

Saving An Image Map Using Trellian Button Factory

Firstly you need to make some buttons, make sure that in the "URL:" section of the toolbar there is a valid URL address for each button.

The best way of creating an image map is to create a variety of buttons in a menu format. Then select all the buttons you want image mapped (Make sure they are aligned correctly) To select multiple buttons either hold Ctrl and then click on each of the buttons, or single click and then drag a box around them all.
Then click on the "file" menu and select "Preview", make sure that all the buttons are selected (Do not select the preview button on the toolbar as this only shows you a preview of the page).

The "Link Addresses" window allows you to change the link addresses for the buttons if you have made a mistake. In the "HTML Code" window it shows you the code for the buttons as well as the entire page surrounding it, this allows you to copy the code or part of the code to a page of your own design. The windows also allow you to select what kind of image the buttons are going to be (ie. JPG or PNG), it also allows you to save the page as a html file to do this select "Save". Clicking the "Preview" button on the toolbar will load up a sample page with the buttons included and ready to be clicked.
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