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Creating Buttons

Adding a new button

To create a new button select the button style from the button library and drag the button to the position on the project where the button should appear.

You can also insert a new button by selecting the button style button from the button library and selecting New Button from the Insert menu.

If the button needs to be resized, click on the squares at the corners of the button and drag the button to the right size.

To move the button, click on the button and drag the button to the desired location.

Editing button text

To add or edit the button text, double click on the button and enter the required text. Click outside the button when finished.

Changing font properties

Select the button to change by clicking on it, or holding down the control button and selecting multiple buttons. The font properties can be changed by selecting the font options from the toolbar.

To change the font colour, click the Change Font button.For more information about the buttons, see the Interface section of the manual.

Changing Button Properties

To change the button properties, right click the button and select Properties or select Show Properties from the Window menu to permanantly display the button properties window.

Button Shape: To change the button shape, select the button(s) you wish to change, and select a shape from the first drop down menu.

Border Style colours: Shows the colours of the border. These colours can be changed by double clicking the colour and selecting a new colour from the palatte. Reverse colour scheme:Reverses the colour scheme of the border. Not all button shapes can be changed

Button Border: To change the border width, select an option from the Border width drop down menu. To remove the border from the image, set the border width to 0. To set the border colour, double click the Border Colour and select a new colour from the colour palatte.

Antialias: Smoothes the stair-step lines and curves on the buttons

Transparent : Makes the button transparent, only displaying text

Background Colour: Gives the button a solid background colour instead of the button image.

Texture Settings: Changes the way the image is displayed on the button.

Load Image: Allows you to load an texture for the button to use