Button Factory Printable version Overview Features Registration System Requirements Upgrading Support Using Button Factory Starting a new project Opening an existing project Setting the background color Creating Buttons Creating an Image Map Inserting text and HTML items Inserting External HTML and Image files Previewing buttons HTML builder Exporting buttons Saving a project Interface Menu Options Toolbar Buttons

Menu Options

New Project Create a new project
Open Project Opens an existing project
Save Saves changes to the project
Save As Saves the project with a different file name
Preview in Browser Previews the webpage in a browser window
Export Image Exports the selected item as an image
HTML Page Builder Builds the webpage HTML code
Edit HTML Header Allows you to edit the HTML header information
Page Setup Displays the page setup options for printing
Print Displays the print dialog box
Upgrade Connects to the Trellian server and checks for Software Upgrades/Updates
Quit Exits the program

Undo Undoes the last action performed
Cut Cuts the selected item or text to the Clipboard
Copy Copies the selected item or text to the Clipboard
Paste Pastes the current data from the Clipboard to the currently selected area
Delete Deletes the selected item
Bring to Front Moves the selected item to the front
Send to back Moves the selected item to the back
Select All Selects all items in the workspace
Select None Removes any selection of items in the workspace
Select Invert

Change Font Changes the font for the selected items
Button Resize Resizes the selected button
Align to Grid Aligns the selected item with the grid
Snap to Grid Automatically aligns items with the grid
Set Grid Size Sets the grid size
Set Background Colour Sets the background to the desired colour
Set Page Size Allows you to set the page width and height

Show Library Toggles display of the button library window
Show Properties Toggles display of the item properties window

New Button Inserts a new button
New Text Inserts a new text area
New Frame Inserts a new frame
Image Inserts a new Image
HTML Snippet Inserts an area to enter HTML into
External HTML File Inserts an external HTML file in an IFRAME
External Image File Inserts an external image

About Shows information about the program
Register Software Allows you to enter your registration details
Trellian Software Displays the Trellian Website in a browser window
User Manual Selecting this will open up the manual that you are currently reading
Tip of the Day Displays a random tip for using Button Factory