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Using SubmitWolf
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To change browser and connection settings, select Preferences from the Options menu.

Allows you to set the location of your default Internet browser. SubmitWolf will use this browser to open any web pages or reports from within the program. If you find that selecting some menu commands from within SubmitWolf are causing the program to 'lock up' or freeze, try setting this preference.

Open in new browser window:
Opens each URL in a new web browser window

Concurrent Connections:
SubmitWolf can submit to a number of sites concurrently. This means that the program can submit information to a large number of Search Engines simultaneously. This particular parameter defines how many concurrent connections are to be used. The maximum number of connections that can be used at any one time is 50 for SubmitWolf PRO and 1024 for SubmitWolf Enterprise.

Connection Timeout:
The length of time SubmitWolf will wait before attempting to retry and/or abort an unresponsive submission. The default timeout value is 8000 milliseconds. You should specify a larger value if you are experiencing frequent timeout and abort errors during a submission. If you specify a small timeout value, SubmitWolf will run faster, however SubmitWolf may begin skipping engines that are too slow to respond. Unless you have a very fast internet connection you should not use a delay of less than 2000 milliseconds as SubmitWolf may not function correctly.

Note: SubmitWolf will attempt to make contact with each unresponsive engine twenty times before issuing an abort command.