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SubmitWolf 5 FAQ

Please note that SubmitWolf 5 is no longer updated.

Search Engine and Submission FAQ

When I load the program for the first time, a window pops up asking for a project but I have not made one yet.
Simply type in the name of a new project and SubmitWolf will create it for you.

I have entered my registration details but it SubmitWolf rejects them as invalid.
Make sure that you are typing the registration details exactly as they appear in your registration email. Remember that the registration name and serial number are case sensitive.

Ensure that you are entering the registration details into the correct version of SubmitWolf.

Can I still download older versions of SubmitWolf and re-install?

SubmitWolf PRO v3

Note: SubmitWolf 3 is no longer updated.
Download SubmitWolf PRO v3 here: SubmitWolf PRO v3. Then download the following script file: SubmitWolf PRO v3 Script, and save it in the SubmitWolf folder and then run it.

This should install the latest SubmitWolf script. You will need your v3 script password, which was given to you with your registration email.

SubmitWolf PRO v4

Note: SubmitWolf 4 is no longer updated
Download SubmitWolf PRO v4 here: SubmitWolf PRO v4

SubmitWolf PRO v5

Note: SubmitWolf 5 is no longer updated
Download SubmitWolf PRO v5 here: SubmitWolf PRO v5

I have purchased additional engine packs for SubmitWolf 6. How do I install them?
To install the engine packs, simply update your engine definitions via the Live upgrade program. This updates ALL engine packs that have been purchased. After running the upgrade, restart SubmitWolf.

I have submitted an online order form, but have not received my registration.
In most cases, all orders are processed by the end of the next working day. If you have not received your registration within this time, please contact Sales with the details of your order.

The most common reasons for delays are invalid or missing email address and/or contact details.

I do not wish to use online order form. What other options do I have?
You can fax the filled in order form to +61-3-9589-7951, or send it to us via mail.

I do not have a Credit Card. How can I place an order?
Mail order
Fill in the order form, and mail it to us with either a bank cheque or a money order. Please note that we do not accept personal cheques from banks outside Australia.

Telegraphic Transfer
You can wire your payment directly to our account. To speed up your order, please either fax us the details of the transfer to +61-3-9589-7951, or contact the Sales department.

Where do I find the Enterprise version of SubmitWolf?
The Enterprise version can be purchased from: SubmitWolf Enterprise Order Form

When the standard version of SubmitWolf is registered with an Enterprise serial number, it unlocks the Enterprise features.

Can I upgrade from SubmitWolf to SubmitWolf Enterprise?
Yes, you can. The price is the difference between the SubmitWolf v6.0 and SubmitWolf Enterprise price. The option is on the SubmitWolf order page.

SubmitWolf Enterprise Order Form

I have bought the box version, can I use the download version until the box arrives?
Yes you can.

How do I resubscribe to expired engine packs?
Engine packs can be reordered via this form

Is there an online/printable manual?
Yes there is an online manual and a printable manual available.

I get an "unable to open the specified browser" error message.
The browser path is not set correctly in SubmitWolf's Preferences. The Browser field must have the full path to the executable file of your HTML browser. eg. For Internet Explorer, enter C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
. See this manual page for more information: SubmitWolf 6 settings.

I am unable to enter any information as all the fields are grayed out.
You will need to start a new project first. Click the File menu and select New Project.

SubmitWolf v6.0 starts submitting and then after a short time the software hangs or the whole computer crashes.
Try shortening the description, keywords and title may help to prevent crashes while submitting.
Make sure that you do not have too many keywords. 10-20 is plenty.

SubmitWolf v6.0 submits to 0 engines successfully.
This error is usually displayed when SubmitWolf cannot connect to the internet. Check that you have your proxy details entered (if required) in the Options/Preferencesmenu. Your ISP can tell you what your HTTP proxy and port number settings are. As a quick guide, you can use the same proxy as netscape or IE use in their HTTP Proxy settings. Refer to the browser help to find these settings.

SubmitWolf v5.0 fails to install script files automatically.

Check that you have your proxy set, this can be found in the OPTIONS - PREFERENCES menu of SubmitWolf v5.0. Your ISP can tell you what your HTTP proxy and port number need to be. (note: most users do not require a proxy). As a quick guide, you can use the same proxy as Netscape or Explorer use in their HTTP Proxy settings, refer to the browser help to find these settings.

If SubmitWolf v5.0 still fails to install the script upgrades, download this file:

Save the file into the SubmitWolf v5.0 folder. Double click the file to automatically extract the engines, then start SubmitWolf v5.0.

I get an "Unable to Write Project File" error.
Make sure that you have not used , . / \ ? : ; ' " or spaces in the project name.
You will then have to use the New Project option from the File menu to create a new project, or the Open option from the File menu to load an old project that has a project name that does not contain these characters.

Nothing happens when I click "submit"?
Make sure that you have selected at least one or more engines in the ENGINES folder.

SubmitWolf v4.0 and v5.0: Nothing happens when I press "rank"?
Make sure you have selected some engines in the bottom section of the RANKING tab.
Make sure that you have entered a keyword and URL on the RANKING tab.

SubmitWolf v4.0 and v5.0: What does "1/20" mean in ranking results?

The first number represents the rank of the site. The second number represents the number of results checked at the given search engine.

So for example 1/20 means that your site appeared as the first result out of 20 at the search engine that has this result.

SubmitWolf v4.0 and v5.0:Can I add search engines to the "Ranking" section of SubmitWolf?
No. SubmitWolf 4 and 5 are not longer updated.

What should I use as my "username" and "password" in SubmitWolf?
Some search engines require a username and password which is used to make changes to your listing later. For security reasons, create a new password rather than using a password from your email or Internet account.

What are the main differences between "SubmitWolf v6.0" and "SubmitWolf Enterprise"?
The main differences between the standard version and the Enterprise version is that the Enterprise edition is licensed for third party submissions, whereas the standard package is for personal use only.
The Enterprise edition offers additional features that are useful to users providing a submission service. eg. batch submission, importing form data, no SubmitWolf submission confirmation emails, customizable HTML reports.

Why does SubmitWolf want my proxy settings, I do not use any?
SubmitWolf will ask for proxy settings if it cannot connect to the Internet. Check with your ISP or network administrator if you are unsure what the proxy settings should be (if any). There may be a firewall or internet protection software blocking SubmitWolf from connecting to the internet. If so, the firewall must be configured to allow SubmitWolf to access the Internet. You can try disabling each application one by one to find out where the problem lies.

My SubmitWolf v4.0/5.0 details don't work in v6.0.
The SubmitWolf 6 registration codes are different from the v4 and v5 codes, and will only work for the version they were issued for. Click here to download the correct version of SubmitWolf.

How do I import old projects to SubmitWolf v6.0?
Copy the entire projects folder into the SubmitWolf v6.0 projects folder. Then just use FILE->OPEN to open individual projects.

The About box in SubmitWolf v6 does not show any information, how can I fix it?
This is directly related to the version of Internet Explorer that is currently installed on the computer, as it is an Internet explorer function being used to display this missing information.
Updating to Internet Explorer version 6 will solve the problem. The problem does not effect submission to engines.

I have a version 6 demo and am trying to enter my registration details, but the next button is not active.
The following needs to be checked:
  • Check that you have version 6 registration details, and not registration details for an older version.
  • Check that the serial number has been entered in upper case letters where appropriate.
  • Check that the details are in the correct fields (e.g. serial not entered into the registration name field.

I have several different regional engine packs but I only see the English engine definitions update.
The flags in Liveupgrade are not associated with the engine packs. If you have additional engine packs, Live Upgrade will automatically download them when you update the engines.

I only have demo engines.
You will need to update the engine definitions .

Follow these steps to register SubmitWolf and download the engine definitions.

Step 1. - Select Register from the Help menu.

Step 2. - Enter your registration details. Registration details are case sensitive. Your registration name will be the email address you purchased the software with. If you purchased the software from a store, enter your email address as the registration name. If you have lost your registration details, click the relevant link on the registration window, and follow the instructions. Click the Next button to continue. If your registration details are accepted, a thank you message is displayed

Step 3. - SubmitWolf will then begin searching for any missing components that you may be entitled to download. It will then ask you whether you would like to download these components. Click Yes to upgrade now, or you can upgrade the components at a later date. SubmitWolf will open the LiveUpgrade program. The trial version of SubmitWolf only submits to a restricted number of engines. To access the entire engine database, the latest engine definitions must be downloaded.

To download the engine definitions, start the LiveUpgrade program (if not automatically opened), expand the SubmitWolf item and tick the "Engine Definitions" checkbox. Do not select the " Program" checkbox if it shows a green tick, otherwise a new copy of the trial version will be downloaded. Click the Upgrade button to start downloading. The status bar of the Live Upgrade window will show the number of bytes downloaded, and will display "disconnect" when the updates have been downloaded.

When you restart SubmitWolf, you will have the full list of engines to select from.

Why are some engines manual?

Manual engines cannot be submitted to automatically for various reasons such as:

  • Some search engines and directories, such as Lycos and Yahoo, require the webmaster to register and respond to a confirmation email, then log into the engine and finally submit the website.

  • Most directories require the webmaster to browse through the directory's category structure to find a suitable category, then submit the website.

  • Some engines require very specific information in order to submit the website. eg. Do you accept Visa cards, which countries does your business ship to? etc.

  • Engines with very specific categories, e.g. Aromatic oils, French poetry, Small town business directories, are also set to manual as they are too detailed to add as a SubmitWolf category.

  • The submission page requires a unique security code to be entered in order to validate the submission. A different security code is generated for each page visit, and is designed to prevent automated submissions. Engines that receive a large number of spam or junk submissions will often implement security codes.

In Submitwolf, Manual engines are marked with a grey gear image.

Why doesn't Submitwolf submit to Hotbot, MSN, Lycos, Yahoo etc.?

Many major engines only accept paid listings. e.g. Fast/Lycos, Inktomi, Looksmart and Hotbot. For paid inclusion into these engines, visit

Other engines, such as Yahoo, require manual submissions(see above FAQ item)

Why does SubmitWolf skip engines?
  • All regionally specific engines are skipped if the URL being submitted does not correspond to the region. For example if your website domain ends in au, the website can only be submitted to Australian engines and general engines.

  • Many engines have specific rules as to the type of sites they accept for listing. If the data you have entered violates a rule for a given engine, it will be skipped. For example, some engines do not accept adult sites or gambling sites.

  • Some engines only accept websites about a specific category. For example, a Travel search engine will only accept Travel related websites. If your website does not fall into the Travel category, the engine will be skipped.

  • Some engines only accept commercial websites, some only accept non commercial websites. If your website is commercial, ensure your company/business name is entered in the company/business name in the contacts screen.

  • A number of engines are marked for manual submission for various reasons such as:
    • The engine only accepts websites about a very specific category that SubmitWolf does not list. eg. Aromatic oils, Dobermans, ASP code etc,
    • The engine's submission process requires a constantly changing password or code to be entered.
    • The engine only accepts websites from a specific region, state or province.

How often should I resubmit my website?

Many search engines request that you only submit your website once. These engines are marked as "No resubmission" and any attempts to resubmit to them using SubmitWolf, will not be successful. This is to stop multiple submissions creating a large backlog of sites for search engines to index. Many search engines will not index your website, or even ban your site, if you submit it too many times. If you search for your website on a search engine or directory and it is indexed, then it does not require a resubmission.

If you have drastically changed your website and would like it respidered, you can create a new project using the same details and resubmit your website.

Link lists can be submitted to on a daily basis. The oldest links are replaced with the newly submitted links, meaning that your link can be cycled off the list in a matter of hours.

Why is my site being submitted only to a small number of engines?
You have may not have selected all the available engines. In the engine selector you also need to select the MultiSubmit and Link List directories (optional).

Only a few engines will be available if you are running an Unregistered copy of SubmitWolf.

I have submitted my site, so why hasn't it been added to an engine?
The time taken for your site to appear varies greatly. It may be instant, or it may take several months depending on the engine. The submit pages on most sites will give you an approximation as to how long it will take for your site to appear. Submitting your site to an engine does not guarantee that it will be listed, some engines may ban your website if they receive multiple submissions. Some engines review all submissions manually and the administrators can add or reject your submission at their discretion without notice.

How can I increase the number of engines being submitted to?
  1. You can use the EngineEditor to add your own engines. This program is included with SubmitWolf.
  2. If you have regional domains eg. a .fr or .de version of your website, you can purchase additional engine expansion packs.
Note: Regional engine expensions are only of benefit if you have a site with the same domain, or if your pages are in a language that is appropriate for the region.

My website isn't in French and/or doesn't have a domain French domain. Can I submit my website to the French search engines?
Generally to be accepted in a foreign search engine, your site must contain information about the country, provide a service to residents of the country or provide information that is useful to people residing in that country.
Many search engines and directories will not list foreign sites in order to restrict their search engine to businesses within their own country.

For example, a website selling/advertising a house cleaning service in America, is not relevant or useful to residents of France.

Websites that are not relevant are generally not accepted, and submitting non relevant sites is considered as spamming the engine. Spamming search engines in this way leads to engines restricting submissions by requiring a unqiue security code to be entered prior to accepting the submission, or even implementing a pay per submission scheme.

Can I submit each page of my website?
No. Most engines specifically request that only the index pages is submitted. There are two reasons for this:
  1. To prevent multiple submissions creating a large backlog of sites for search engines to index. Some search engines have people manually checking each website before it is listed, so submitting each page will only annoy the submission checker.
  2. Most search engines will spider each page of your website anyway.
Many search engines will not index your website, or even ban your site, if you submit it too many times.

What type of sites can be submitted to the Personal Home Pages category ?
The Personal Home Pages category is for personal sites, eg sites about John Smith, or John Smith's dog. This category is not for commercial websites.

How do I select an appropriate category for my website?
The category you select is important, as it dictates which search engines will be submitted to. If you select an inappropriate category, your site will be submitted to engines that are totally unrelated to your site. eg. submitting an Accountancy service website to the Automotive / Cars category will most likely result in your website not being listed, as its not about the automotive or car industry.

It is pointless submitting a website to an unrelated category. Not only will the engine not list your website, but you will be targeting the wrong visitor base. If someone is looking for a company to do Web design, they won't be looking in Automotive or Music search engines, they will be looking on Computers and Internet related search engines.

The SubmitWolf categories are grouped logically. Please read the entire list before selecting a category, as there may be a more suitable category further down the list.

To select a category, you need to think what your website is mainly about. eg. A site about cars would be in the Automotive category. A website selling shopping cart software would be in the Internet / Software category. Even though the Automotive industry may be able to use the shopping cart software, the shopping cart website is not about cars.

If you need help selecting a category, email support with your website URL and we will advise you of the most suitable category for your site.

Please read our category selection information page for detailed information regarding the SubmitWolf categories.

Can I submit my website to different categories?
No. Most engines specifically request that websites are submitted to ONE category only. Even if you select a few categories in the Category tab, SubmitWolf will select the category at the top of the list when submitting. If the top category is not supported by an engine, SubmitWolf will then select the next category on the list.

Performing multiple submissions to different categories via SubmitWolf will be classed as a multiple submission to a search engine, which is likely to result in a ban.

What is search engine spam?

Search engine spam is defined as pages created deliberately to trick the search engine into offering inappropriate, redundant, or poor-quality search results. Examples of search engine spam are:
  • Submitting a MLM site (eg. Make money fast!!!) to inappropriate categories.
  • Submitting a domain that is for sale and offer no useful content to visitors
  • Submitting a keyword stuffed website
  • Submitting a mirror site
  • Submitting a website that redirects to another site
  • Submitting a website that uses a doorway page. A doorway page is page created specifically for search engines and is optimized for specific phrases that generate large amounts of traffic. Generally these pages are totally unrelated to the site's content, hence the spam categorization.
  • Submitting machine generated web pages.
  • Submitting a website that contains offensive content to inappropriate categories.
  • Submitting a website that offers no content other than links to other websites.
Search engines do not add these types of websites to their index, and many engines will simply delete the submission.

Some engines review each submission manually and in these cases, the spam submissions extend the waiting time for site reviews. Engines that experience a large number of spam submissions will often implement a pay for inclusion scheme, a manual log in or registration prior to submission, or simply no longer accept any submissions at all.

Can I suggest a search engine, web directory or link list to be added to SubmitWolf?
Yes you can suggest a URL here.

Information on how to make your engine's submission page SubmitWolf friendly is available here: Make your submission page SubmitWolf friendly.

Note: Pay Per Click or Pay For Inclusion search engines are not able to be automated.

What is the procedure for reporting broken engines in my engine list?
Engines in the SubmitWolf scripts can stop functioning for many different reasons. Click here to report a broken engine.

What platforms are supported and do you have MAC version?

Version 6.0 is currently available for Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

Mac users can use Virtual PC. For more information please see: (This information provided on an "as-is" basis, and operated at user's own risk).

Where can I get the latest engine definition upgrades and how often are they updated?
Engine scripts are updated as required, but on average a new upgrade is released every month.

To install the latest engine script upgrade: start SubmitWolf, select the Upgrade option from the File menu, and follow the instructions.