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SubmitWolf 7

Program Versions

There are three versions of SubmitWolf 7: Demo version, standard version and the Enterprise version.

  • SubmitWolf 7 Demo
    In the demo version, submissions are restricted to the demo search engines. The demo version is designed to give you a feel for what the product can do. The demo expires after 15 days. If you require an extension of the demo, please contact support.

  • SubmitWolf 7
    This version is designed for the average user. Users are limited to submitting 5 different domains. This version is intended for a single user to promote their own web sites.

  • SubmitWolf 7 Enterprise / SEO Toolkit 2 Enterprise
    The Enterprise edition is designed for users who wish to submit more than 5 domains or for users who wish to submit URLs for third parties. This version can be used as the basis of a submission service. The enterprise version has no restrictions on the number of domains that can be submitted. SubmitWolf 7 Enterprise registration requires the purchase of SEO Toolkit 2 Enterprise.