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SubmitWolf 7
Using SubmitWolf
SubmitWolf 7


SubmitWolf 7 can be purchased via the Trellian website, stores or authorised resellers.

To purchase the software from the Trellian web site, click the Help menu of SubmitWolf 7 and select Register. Click on the "obtain registration key" link. This will open the order form in a browser window.

Follow these steps to register SubmitWolf.

Step 1. - Select Register from the Help menu.

Help menu - register

Step 2. - Enter your registration details. Note that registration details are case sensitive. SubmitWolf 4, 5 or 6 serial numbers will NOT register SubmitWolf 7.

Software purchased from stores display the serial number in the CD jewel case. Use your email address as the registration name.

Enter registration details

If you have lost your registration details, click the relevant link on the registration window, and follow the instructions. Click the Next button to continue. If your registration details are accepted, a thank you message is displayed

Step 3. - SubmitWolf will then start the Engine Subscription Wizard, which will download the engines based on your selections. If you do not proceed with the wizard, the full program features will not be available. See the Engine subscription section of the manual for more information.

The engine upgrade wizard