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SubmitWolf 7
  Engine subscription wizard
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SubmitWolf 7

Engine subscription wizard

The engine subscription wizard will download engines based on your selections. The wizard will be automatically started when SubmitWolf is registered, or if you have clicked the Subscribe button to change your preferences. This wizard can also be accessed by clicking the SubmitWolf Options menu and selecting Settings.

Engines are automatically updated prior to each submission, so there is no need to run this wizard to update the engines. Please note that SubmitWolf needs to be restarted after downloading the engine updates.

  1. When the wizard is displayed, click the Next button to continue, or Cancel to exit the wizard.

    Click Next to continue

  2. If your website content is in English, then select the checkbox to subscribe to the English language engines. This will download the English engines for submission.

    Optional general english engines

  3. Select the country that your web site(s) are based in.

    eg. If your site is based in France then select France from the list.
    If your site is based in the US, select United States from the list.

    NOTE: You may not force the submission to regionally specific engines if your site is not related directly to the region. This includes submitting sites to country specific engines if your site is unrelated to and/or outside the country.

    Select additional countries

  4. Select the checkboxes to subscribe to the Link Lists and multisubmit link farms.

    This option is not recommended.

    Optional link lists and multisubmit link farms

  5. Manual engines cannot be automated for various reasons. If you do not wish to submit to the manual engines, leave this option unselected.

    Optional manual engines

  6. The wizard will then download the engines.

    Downloading engines

  7. When the download has completed, restart SubmitWolf to reload the engines.

    Download complete

  8. When SubmitWolf is restarted, the Engine update complete message will be displayed.

    Engine update complete