SubmitWolf v8.0 - Features

Submit to hundreds of engines and directories, and thousands of link pages

Most traffic comes via the major engines, however a listing on a large number of small engines can also generate significant traffic. Another advantage of a listing on smaller engines is that you are not competing with a billion other pages for a position in the top ten results.

SubmitWolf v8.0 can submit your URL to both the major and minor engines in minutes, so you get the best of both worlds. To achieve the same task manually would take months of your time.

The latest search engine trend is to rank results by popularity. That means by the number of other sites linking to yours. The result is that submitting your URL to a large number of smaller sites, can increase your ranking on some of the major search engines.

Priority Submission

A listing on the major engines is probably the most important. Trellian's partnership with various search engines enables you to take advantage of a Priority Paid Submission service. The service ensures that your URL is added within 48 hours. It includes engines such as Altavista, AllTheWeb, Overture (Yahoo search submit),, whatUseek and many others.

Daily Engine Definition Updates

SubmitWolf's engine list is updated on a daily basis. We are constantly updating and adding to our engine database, to ensure that you have the best search engine coverage possible.

With full-time staff maintaining the engine database, SubmitWolf v8.0 is the most reliable submission program available. No other submission product offers this level of service.

One time Fee

Why pay a submission service to promote just a single URL, when you can own the personal version of the software which many such services themselves use.

At no extra cost, you can submit as many of your own URLs with SubmitWolf v8.0 as you like!

Engine Spam Control

Many engines have specific rules and acceptable use policies that govern URL submission. Submission which violates these rules may be considering as spamming and your website may be banned from the engine.

SubmitWolf v8.0 maintains a set of rules for each engine and will filter out the engines not appropriate for your website type, content. It will also prevent multiple submission of the same URL to engines that do not allow it.

Fast Concurrent Submissions

SubmitWolf v8.0 will submit your URL to 50 engines concurrently (1024 for SubmitWolf Enterprise), taking full advantage of your available bandwidth. A submission to thousands of engines takes only minutes.

Ranking Tips

SubmitWolf v8.0 comes with a knowledge base full of useful and practical information on how to make your web pages 'search engine friendly' and how to improve your search result positioning.

Engine Filter

Organize your engine lists, by type, country or by any other criteria. You can filter engine selections based on domain, submission status, last submit date etc. You can also automatically filter out engines that send confirmation emails, or spam.

Smart Category Selection

SubmitWolf automatically decides if a site will accept your submission and chooses a category for you based on your site details.

Page Import

Import keywords, description and other details directly from a web page through the Import wizard.

Full Browser Emulation

SubmitWolf v8.0 has full browser emulation and support all browser technologies including cookies, http headers, SSL, etc. This makes it virtually impossible to distinguish between a SubmitWolf v8.0 submission and one done manually using a browser.

Before each submission, SubmitWolf v8.0 also downloads the Submit Form and checks for any dynamic content or hidden fields and includes those in your submission.

FREE Support

Free and friendly technical support is provided via email. Most questions are answered within 24 hours.

Proxy & Firewall Support

SubmitWolf v8.0 supports most proxy servers and firewalls including the SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols.

Development Commitment

Without regular updates, automated submission products soon become obsolete. Not so with SubmitWolf. Since 1997, Trellian has been the industry leader, and remains totally committed to future product development and software innovation.

SubmitWolf Enterprise has also become an industry standard, powering over 2000 commercial URL submission services. People in the industry choose SubmitWolf Enterprise for its speed, reliability and ease of use.

Managing Your Search Engine Paid Inclusion with Priority Submit

Due to the overwhelming demand for URL submissions, many search engines have now introduced a paid priority inclusion service. Priority submission services ensure that your URL is added in a more timely and efficient manner. Priority submissions have become very important lately as some engines do not guarantee free placement of your URL.

Trellian has partnered with many top search engines, including AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Overture, whatUseek, WebWombat, Slider and Yahoo among others to form a PrioritySubmit service. To streamline the process even further, Trellian has developed a FREE downloadable PrioritySubmit software client to assist with priority submissions.

Ordering priority submission services directly from your computer is easy. No browsing, no site navigation required. However integrated with PrioritySubmit online at for those who prefer web based access or if you are away from your PC.

With over 2,500,000 copies downloaded, SubmitWolf v8.0 and SubmitWolf Enterprise are the leading submission programs on the internet today.