How to make your engine's submission page SubmitWolf friendly

  • Generally a static HTML page is the easiest and simplest method to use
  • Ensure there aren't any HTML, JavaScript or other coding errors on the submission page
  • Create the fields you require to process/list the website
SubmitWolf can submit the following information about a website:
  • Website title
  • Website URL
  • Website description
  • Website keywords (can be either separated by spaces or by commas - you need to specify your requirements)
  • Website owner/submitter's name
  • Website company name (may be blank if website is not commercial)
  • Website owner/submitter/company address
  • Website's country
  • Website language
  • Website's domain e.g.. au, nz or fr
  • Email address for listing confirmations (Note: not all submissions are commercial, and many do not want email addresses listed with their submission)
  • Website/company fax and telephone number (may be blank if website owner does not want it listed)
  • Username (used on some engines for logging in to change listing details)
  • Password (used on some engines for logging in to change listing details)
  • For category selection, a drop down menu is preferred. Checkboxes can be used if necessary.
A sample submission form is shown below.
Sample submission form
Title of website:
Email address:
(used for listing confirmation)

If you already have an existing submission form with your own category list, but wish to do your own category mapping, SubmitWolf can be configured to send the SubmitWolf category name for submissions to your engine.

You will need to contact support to request this change for your engine's listing.

The SubmitWolf categories are listed at, however these categories may change from time to time as new versions of the software are released. Contact support to obtain the latest category list.