Site Mapper Overview

Trellian SiteSpider comes with 4 preset spider modes that allow you to optimize the search heuristics of the program. The key to high quality spider results is knowing which spider to use for each task. More spider modes will be added in the future.

Main Screen

Trellian SiteSpider has an intuitive interface, which has been developed with ease of use in mind.

Default Spider

The default spider will scan a complete web site and index all the URL's that the site contains. This spider will not spider behind the root domain. You can select a URL from the spider results and restart the spider from that point.

SiteMap Results

Trellian SiteSpider has an intuitive interface, which has been developed with ease of use in mind.

Gallery Page Spider

The gallery page spider is designed to extract the content from compiled gallery pages. Commonly called "Link Lists", these pages usually contain no content of there own, but do include many links to pages that do contain.

The first page of all the links that exit the root domain are included in the spider results. This kind of spider often yields the biggest return per spider.

Windows Bookmarks and Explorer

All your bookmarks from Internet Explorer are available from within Trellian SiteSpider.

The last tab within the left hand window pane displays the contents of your computer.

Engine Page Spider

The engine page spider is very similar to the gallery page spider. The root page is the only page included at the root domain. This spider is designed to extract the content from engine page results.

You can then select the domain with the content that matches your requirements and continue searching using the default spider.

Windows Bookmarks and Explorer

SiteSpider can search for and list photos, movies, email addresses, applications, documents, music and more.

Keyword Spider (Automated Engine Page Spider)

The last spider is an automated engine page spider. You simply enter your keywords and select a search engine from the list. Trellian SiteSpider will automatically extract the search engine results before beginning a standard engine page spider. This spider is useful if you want to do a quick spider, but sometimes the results don't have the quality of a manually triggered spider.

More engines will soon be added to the list that will enable you to spider for MP3, Photos, Free Software and Movies.
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