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To register and upgrade your Software, you will first need to obtain a serial number from our web site by using the following URL in your web browser: Alternatively you may purchase this information from an authorized Trellian Software reseller if this is easier for you.

Once you have all of your details ready, choose the Register Software option from the Help menu of SiteSpider.
Enter your Email address and Serial Number into the corresponding fields as shown in the example, then click the OK button. Make sure you type your registration details exactly as we supplied them to you, (this includes upper AND lower case letters).

Step 1. - Select Register Software from the Help menu.

Step 2. - Enter your registration details exactly as they were sent to you.

Step 3. - Click the Unlock Software button to register SiteSpider.

Field: Description:
Email Address This is where the email address that you used to register with is entered
Serial Number This is where you enter the serial number number that is sent to you upon registration
Button: Description:
Unlock Software: Click this button to unlock the software when you have entered your registration details.
OK Click this button to complete the registration process
Home Page Click this button to visit the Trellian website