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Menu Options

Open Opens a HTML file
Save As Saves changes a HTML file using a different file name
Page Setup Displays the page setup for printing
Print Prints the current webpage
Print Preview Displays a preview before printing
Page Properties Displays the file properties of the current page
Internet Options Displays the Internet Explorer Internet Options
Upgrade Connects to the Trellian server then checks for the availability of automated Software Upgrades/Updates
Exit Exits the program

Cut Cuts the currently selected item to the clipboard
Copy Copies the currently selected item to the clipboard
Paste Pastes the item from the clipboard
Select All Selects all items
Find (on This Page) Searches for text on the webpage

Go To Navigates the website
Stop Stops the spider
Refresh Refreshes the webpage
Text Size Changes the webpage text size
Source Displays the HTML source code in NotePad
Web Browser Toggles display of the web browser panel
Site Explorer Toggles display of the Site Explorer panel

About Shows information about the program
Register Software From here you may enter your registration details in order to register the program
Trellian Software Browses the Trellian Software website
Trellian Services Browses the Trellian Services website