Site Mapper Overview

Site Mapper Overview

Site Mapper will analyze the contents of a web site, and create a detailed map with an indexed listing of all resources by page and category.

Spell checking made easy

Site Mapper works with Trellian's free Spell Checker, to help ensure that your presentation is always professional and free of spelling errors.

Preview Screen

Site Mapper has a preview screen which you can use to view any document that Site Mapper has found. The preview screen can be toggled on or off.

View File Properties

Site Mapper allows you to view the properties of each document. The properties screen tell you which of the pages that have been mapped are linking to the document. The page title, address and date are also displayed.

Export Results

Site Mapper will export results into HTML, XML or text file format. This can be used to efficiently create a sitemap for your website, or simply as a reference for editing files locally.

Proxy Support

Site Mapper can be used behind a proxy or firewall. Modifying the settings takes seconds.
Site Mapper is packed with useful features which aid in keeping your website tidy and up to date. Site Mapper will integrate with your favorite HTML editor, browser, FTP client, site submission tool, ecomm solution, image editor, and more. Site Mapper has been developed for efficiency and ease of use.
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