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SEO Toolkit 3


To change the settings for the SEO Toolkit, click on the Options menu and select Settings

SEO Toolkit settings

Concurrent Connections:
The SEO Toolkit can submit to a number of sites concurrently. This means that the program can send and receive information simultaneously. This setting defines how many concurrent connections will be used. The maximum number of connections that can be used at any one time is 50 for standard users and 1024 for Enterprise users.

Connection Timeout:
The length of time that the SEO Toolkit will wait before attempting to retry and/or abort an unresponsive connection. The default value is 2000 milliseconds. If you are experiencing frequent timeout errors or connection problems during a submission, try specifying a larger value.

Request Delay:
The length of time that the SEO Toolkit will wait between requests. The default value is 5 seconds.

User Agent:
The user agent name to send in outgoing requests. This setting is for advanced users only and can be left blank.

Automatically check for SEO Toolkit updates:
Enables automatic update checking.

Note: Updates are not automatically downloaded

Engine Subscription Click on the Edit button to open the engine subscription wizard, further details can be viewed at the Engine Subscription manual page

Proxy/Firewall Proxy/Firewall settings can be viewed at the Before Starting manual page

Account Settings Account settings can be viewed at the Account Settings manual page

Ranking Columns Ranking columns can be viewed at the Ranking columns customization manual page

Presence Columns Presence Columns can be viewed at the Presence columns customization manual page