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SEO Toolkit 3

Global meta tag editor

The Global meta tag editor can be used to edit, replace or append selected meta tags in multiple files.

An example of usage would be to update the copyright tag of multiple HTML files without having to edit each file separately.

To use the global meta tag editor, open the Meta tag browser. Select the HTML files to edit, by holding down the control key and clicking on each file. Then click the Tools menu and select Meta editor. The global meta tag editor will be opened automatically, where more than one HTML file has been selected for editing.

Enter the value(s) for the destination meta tags. Then select which action to perform, either append, replace or remove.

Replace - Replaces the current meta tag with the specified value. Leaving the field blank will delete the meta tag from the file(s).

Append- Appends the text to the end of an existing meta tag or creates a new one if it does not exist.

Remove - Removes the entered text from an existing tag.

Global Meta Tag Editor