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SEO Toolkit 2

Meta browser

The meta browser is a file browser that displays the meta tag information for each file.

Meta browser is located on the main toolkit window in the Tools section.

The meta browser

To use the meta browser, enter the full path of a directory to browse eg. C:\Documents and Settings\John\Desktop\ , or navigate via the folders to find the required HTML file. eg. double click on a folder to view the files in the folder.

The Meta Browser

When the required file(s) have been located, click on the Tools menu to select an action to perform. To set various meta tags of multiple files to the same value in one easy step, see the Global meta tag editor section of the manual.

File mask

The file mask filters the display of files to htm and html files only by default. The file mask can be changed to display other types of files.

For example: *.htm to display files that have a .htm extension. Enter *.* to display all file types.

Find Identical tags

The meta browser can find files with identical meta tags. Click on the Meta browser Edit menu and select the Find identical menu option. The files with identical meta tags will be displayed in the meta tag browser. This feature is limited to checking files in the currently selected folder only.