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Exporting Keywords

Keyword analyzer supports several different formats for exporting keywords. To export keywords, select the keywords to export, or leave keywords unselected to export entire list. Then click on the File menu and select Export.

The export options will then be displayed.

Exporting keywords

Full report
Exports the keywords with their associated popularity. The popularity data must be retrieved for the keywords prior to exporting.

One keyword per line
Exports the keywords in a list, with one keyword per line.

As META keyword tag
Exports the keywords in a keyword META tag format. This can be copied directly into a web page's META tag section.

Comma separated
Exports the keywords in a comma separated format. This is useful for opening with Microsoft Excel, or other programs that support the CSV format. The CSV file can also be viewed with any text editing program, such as Notepad or WordPad.

Google phrase match syntax
Used for Google Adwords. Exports keywords in phrase match syntax. eg. "web hosting" See for more information.

Google exact match syntax
Used for Google Adwords. Exports keywords in exact match syntax. eg. [web hosting] See for more information.

All keywords
Includes all keywords for export, regardless of the current selection.

Current selection
Includes only the selected keywords for export.

Export to clipboard only
Exports the data to the clipboard. The data can then be pasted into other applications.