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SEO Toolkit 2

Analyzing a page

  1. To begin, enter either a URL, or path to a file in the address field.

    To analyze an online page, enter the URL into the address bar. The URL should be in the format of ""

    Entering a URL to analyze

    To analyze a file on your computer, enter the path to the file.
    eg. C:\Documents and Settings\John\Desktop\index.htm

    Note: Keyword density analyzer only analyzes the keywords on the page specified, not the entire web site.

    To check individual pages, enter the URL with the htm/html page specified, or if the files are stored locally, open each page as required.

  2. Select a phrase size to analyze. To enter values for phrase size, type the minimum and maximum values in the phrase size fields, located at the top right of the window.

  3. To start analyzing the web page, click the Go button.
To add keywords from Keyword density analyzer to a project in the Keyword Manager, select the keywords, then right click and select Copy from the popup menu. Then open the Keyword Manager and paste the keywords into the project folder, by right clicking on the project folder and selecting Paste from the popup menu