SEO Toolkit and SubmitWolf Manuals

SEO Toolkit v3.0 manuals

Description File Version Size
View online v3.01 n/a
PDF format manual3_en.pdf v3.01 n/a
CHM format manual3.chm v3.01 n/a
zipped PDF v3.01 n/a
HTML format single_seotoolkit3.htm v3.01 n/a

SEO Toolkit v2.0 manuals

Description File Version Size
View online v2.01 n/a
PDF format manual_en.pdf v2.01 5.63 MB
CHM format manual.chm v2.01 3.53 MB
zipped PDF v2.01 4.31 MB
HTML format single_seotoolkit.htm v2.01 242 KB

SubmitWolf v7.0 manuals

Description File Version Size
View online v7.01.002 n/a
PDF format swolf7_manual_en.pdf v7.01.002 2.06 MB
CHM format manual.chm v7.01.002 0.99 MB
zipped PDF v7.01.002 1.48 MB
HTML format single_swolf7.htm v7.01.002 124 KB

Install Instructions

To view the manual automatically via the program's Help menu, save the manual.chm file to the SEO toolkit 2 / SubmitWolf 7 installation folder.

The default folder for both programs is C:\Program Files\TRELLIAN\SEO Toolkit v2.0\

To view the manual, click on the program's Help menu and select the Manual menu item.

Note: Some users may experience problems viewing the CHM manual. This is due to a Microsoft security fix and instructions for unblocking the manual contents are available at