Trellian SEO Toolkit - Competitive Intelligence

Identify your competitor's traffic sources

The Competitive Intelligence tool helps identify major traffic sources for specific domains. This includes the top referring sites and the top search terms.

This tool requires a Competitive Intelligence domain subscription from

The Competitive intelligence tool

The top referrers column shows the top referrers that have been sending traffic the domain. The % column shows the referrals as a percentage of the total, the share column shows a visual representation of the referrals and the date column shows the last referral date. The individual pages referring traffic can also be viewed.

Find specific engines driving traffic to competitor sites

Competitive intelligence can help to identify major traffic sources

The Competitive intelligence tool

The top search term data shows that Google is providing 81.63% of the search engine referrals for the keyword "business". This may be due to having higher organic rankings as well as paid listings in Google.

Individual page referrer information

The Competitive intelligence tool

The above image shows the individual pages from the Wikipedia host that are referring traffic to the domain

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