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I have submitted an online order form, but have not received my registration.

In most cases, all orders are processed by the end of the Next working day. If you have not received your registration within that time, please contact with the details of your order. The most common reasons for delays are invalid or missing email address and/or contact details.

I do not wish to use online order form. What other options do I have?

You can fax the filled in order form to +61-3-9589-7951, or send it to us via mail.

I do not have a Credit Card. How can I place an order?

Mail order

Fill in the order form, and mail it to us with either a Bank Cheque or a Money Order. Please note that we do not accept personal Cheques draw on a bank outside Australia.

Telegraphic Transfer

You can wire your payment directly to our account. To speed up your order, please either fax us the details of the transfer to +61-3-9589-7951, or via email to

I get an "unable to open the specified browser" error message.

The browser path is not set correctly in Preferences. The Browser field must have the full path to the executable file of your HTML browser. For information on setting up Site Mapper to work with either IE4 or Netscape click on the respective link

What platforms are supported and do you have MAC version?

Site Mapper is available for Windows 95, NT A MAC version is planned, however there is no set release date at this time.