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Ripping a CD to MP3 format

Ripping in MP3 format requires an external MP3 encoder **. Encoders are available from sites such as Download.com and NeedMoreShareware

Before ripping in MP3 format, the encoder path and parameters must be set in the Preferences menu.

An example of this is shown in the preferences image. The parameters can be found in the documentation of the encoder.

The parameters for the encoder are "%IN%" for the input file, and "%OUT%" for the output/destination file.

eg. for BladeEnc

Program Path: C:\Program Files\bladeenc\BladeEnc.exe
Parameters: "%IN%" "%OUT%" -256

Then follow these steps:
  1. Load the CD into the CD-ROM drive. Jack should automatically detect the music CD. If several CD-ROM drives are present, select the correct CD-ROM drive from the CD drop down menu. To update the CD contents, click the Refresh CD button.

  2. If the CD has a record in the CDDB (Online CD database) Jack will automatically retrieve the title, artist and track names of the CD. To edit a track name, right click the track name and select Rename from the pop up menu.

  3. Select where the output (ripped tracks) should be stored. Click the ... button to browse for a location.

  4. Select the format of the output to MP3.

  5. To rip all tracks, click the RIP button. To rip selected tracks, highlight the tracks to rip by holding down the shift key while clicking on the tracks. Click the RIP button when the desired tracks have been selected.

  6. A status window will display the ripping progress.

    When the window disappears, the tracks have been successfully ripped, and will be displayed in the destination file browser.

* *Note: In some countries where MP3 patents apply, a separate license may be required to use mp3 encoding tools. Check with the encoder's publisher to ensure legal compliance.