Jack the CD Ripper Printable version Overview Features Registration System Requirements Upgrading Support Ripping CD"s Before Starting Ripping a CD to wav or ogg format Ripping a CD to MP3 Ripping a CD to WMA format Options Preferences Language settings Interface Menu Options Program Buttons

Menu Options

Open Opens the selected folder in a new window
RIP Starts the ripping process
Upgrade Connects to the Trellian server then checks for the availability of automated Software and Script Upgrades/Updates
Quit Exits the program

Cut Cuts the selected item to the clipboard
Copy Copies the selected item to the clipboard
Paste Pastes the selected item from the clipboard
Delete Deletes the selected item

Toolbar Toggles display of the toolbar
Refresh CD List Refreshes the display of the CD information

Preferences Allows you to change program settings

About Shows information about the program
Register From here you can enter your license details to register the program
Help Displays popup help
Tips Displays tips for using Jack the CD ripper
Manual Displays the manual for Jack
FAQ Gives you a list of 'Frequently Asked Questions' to help you identify and solve common issues with Jack