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Image Wolf V2 - Overview

First Search Screen

To perform a search, you must first select the site(s) that you would like the search conducted with. The sites are located in the search field, which is shown in the screenshot. You can choose one, or the whole lot of the search sites. Once you have done that, type the name of the song that you would like to find. Once you have done that, simply click "Search", which is located at the top right hand side.

First Search (2) Screen

Once you have clicked search, another box will pop up. This popup is a filter, that allows you to select the file types that you would like to find. If you are looking for 'only' JPG's, simply deselect the other tick boxes. Or, If you are looking for everything but JPG's, then you would select all of tick boxes except for the JPG one. Once you have done this, click "OK".

Search Results Screen

Image Wolf will begin to spider the sites that you have selected, for files. You can see how the search is progressing by watching the Status bar, which is located to the left. Once your search is complete, you will see a list of search results in the main box. To, listen to a song, just right click on the one you like. A box will appear; then select "Open". Or, if you would prefer to go to the site that the file is located at, just click: "Open Source".

Using the Spider to search a URL

Click on the Spider button to bring up the SPIDER/CRAWL window. This feature is useful for crawling through a certain site and pulling out all the valid links to audio files. As an example, do a search in a search engine for a certain artist. Once you receive the search results, copy the URL of the search results in to the STARTING URL field of Image Wolf and click START. Image Wolf will then crawl through the results page, this includes all the URL's with in the page looking for your specified audio files.

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