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Enter in a search query into Image Wolf and start the program. Image Wolf will then crawl the internet for the specific query. In the process of crawling the internet, Image Wolf can spider through all search engine links and other sites that can be found in the data base that the program has previously compiled with previous search's.

Image Wolf has an advanced filter within the program, allowing you to only search for certain image formats such as *.JPG *.AVI *.PNG *.GIF You can also tell the program to look for other image / file extensions (if not listed with in the program).

Once you have completed your search you will be presented with a list of files with in the program that were found in your search session. From this point on you can preview the file or simply choose to down load the file to your local machine. You have the ability to down load multiple files at once.

Image Wolf also has the ability to spider through certain sites. Perhaps there is a site that has quite a number of image files imbedded with in the pages. Simply give Image Wolf the URL of the site and the program will spider through the pages, pulling out all the relevant files. You can even tell Image Wolf to spider through certain links that contain certain text. Allowing you to have maximum control over the program.

All in all Image Wolf v2 is making finding image files on the Internet much easier and quicker.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Multiple connections
  • Displays all links within the program
  • Refined search functionality
  • Ignore list, allowing you to bypass sites.
  • Image Wolf supports both proxy and firewall connections.
  • Set the number of concurrent connections.
  • ADVANCED search options to allow you to narrow your search to AVI, JPG, PNG....
  • FIND image files that are not even listed on the search engines!
  • VERIFIES files for you to avoid dead links.
  • KEEPS a data base of the sites where it has previously found image files, thus increasing the speed of future searches.
  • FREE technical support.

Find these files and more: gif, jpg, png, bmp, rm (Real Media), avi (Windows), mpg (Mpeg), asf (Microsoft Video)

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